Along with the professionals for "good building“

With its expertise and experience accumulated over 30 years of activity, TCS is now the ideal partner for architects, designers and engineers involved in new projects, in the latest generation of green building projects, in structural adjustment and consolidation interventions, as well as in restoration of historic and artistic works, providing qualitatively superior solutions to obtain safe constructions for the man and the environment, aesthetically pleasing and durable over time.

The Saint Astier hydraulic lime

Natural also for green building and restoration

The flagship of TCS's proposals is the Saint Astier pure natural lime, which boasts unique mechanical, chemical and physical featuress thanks to the particular type of limestone that compose them.

With no pozzolanic materials, blast furnace slags, flying ash or any type of hydraulic binders, the Saint Astier hydraulic lime - which we have in three different versions - it is a completely natural material and has high bactericidal properties, breathability, excellent durability and weather resistance, so that it is particularly suitable to meet many constructive needs, whether they are consolidation, restoration and structural adjustment works, but also in the most innovative and complex modern green building projects.

All TCS products and systems not only fully comply with applicable law, but have features of higher average values ??than the requirements specified by the regulations.

Eco-sustainability, well-being and quality

One single constructive objective from past to future,

TCS has always pursued the ambitious objective of contributing to the construction of buildings with high efficiency, high level of well-being and low consumption: in this regard, we offer a careful selection of biocompatible mortars, eco-plastering for insulating and dehumidifying heat insulation, specific mortars for the renovation and dehumidification, consolidantes and waterproof protection products

All our indoor and outdoor solutions are designed to meet the newest aesthetic and stylistic needs, always paying particular attention to the protective and sustainable properties: our colored mortars, for example, are biocompatible and pigmented with natural soils.

For the realization of its eco-friendly funds of the green building with high level

of performance in terms of insulation and eco-sustainability, we offer a variety of lightweight subbases for filling, draining and insulating screeds.

Combining the best safety, comfort and aesthetic appeal is one of the main goals of TCS, whose offerings stand out, for quality and variety, also in the finishing field. In fact we have a special range of putty coats, plaster made of lime and marble powder and paints for internal and external use, both for new buildings and for restorations and upgrades.

Also in this case, all the products are highly biocompatible and have excellent insulating, bactericidal and anti-mould properties, making it a great choice for the realization of works of highest aesthetic, design and structural value.

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