TCS GLASS N40 is a composite fibreglass mesh made of E glass yarn with alkali resistant coating. The mesh in FRP ensures an excellent laying stability and workability on the construction site while maintaining a perfect alignment of the fibres. The net is applicable with an inorganic matrix, in particular with a natural hydraulic lime matrix, for the construction of subbases, screeds and reinforced plasters.

Product features

The TCS GLASS N40 mesh is ideal for reinforcing floors, subbases and screeds and structural reinforcement of structural elements made of masonry and stone for static or seismic improvement and adjustment. The realization of reinforced grout and screeds.

Versatile: it is possible to apply it with different inorganic matrixes of natural hydraulic lime NHL 5 or traditional.

Fast: drastically reduced installation time compared to the use of traditional technologies.

Restoration:particular attention is paid to the combination with inorganic matrix of natural hydraulic lime NHL 5, which makes it a reinforcement and consolidation system for structures subject to superintendence restrictions and for the entire cultural artistic heritage where the use of materials of the time period is fundamental. The natural hydraulic lime B-STRUCTURA NHL 5 matrix is able to reinforce without altering the system's breathability and thermo-hygrometric balance.

Reversibility: easy removal systems and therefore restoring pre-consolidation of existing structures. Resistant: high performance resistant techniques and load containment.

Easy:extremely simple installation with a few easy steps.


Main features

  • MAXIMUM LOAD: 30 kN/m
  • MESH: 40x40 mm
  • FIBRE WEIGHT: 120 g/mq
  • PACKAGE: 50 m roll height 1 m

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