Malta da rinzaffo biocompatibile

SPRIZZO Ponte di adesione is a Biocompatible repair and restoration mortar, pre-packaged powder for internal and external use according to UNI EN 998-1. SPRIZZO is totally free of cement and compounds belonging to the clinker group and consists of a mixture of pure limestone sands, screened with continuous granulometric arc from 0 to 2.5 mm, and higher quality compounds which improve adesione properties to the substrate. The only present mineral binder is ST ASTIER Pure Natural Hydraulic Lime NHL 5 according to standard UNI EN 459-1. The lime NHL 5, white, is produced by baking siliceous limestones at temperatures below 1250°C and reduced in powder by only the break down of calcium oxide, without the addition of pozzolanic materials or hydraulic binders of any kind.

Pasta composta da copolimeri vinilversatici in emulsione

TC AGGRAPPANTE Adhesive Promoter is a paste consisting of dispersion copolymerization of vinyl in emulsion and carbonate aggregates in continuous granulometric curve from 0 to 2 mm. Specific to obtain rough surfaces suitable for receiving the next layer of plaster or of smoothing compound.

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